Aphex 320D

Compellor - 2 channel compresser/limiter

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Aphex COMPLELLOR 320D is a sophisticated 2-channel comp/limiter with a few very impressive bits of technology squeezed in.

Use it however you’d like, but COMPELLOR really excels in situations where you need your audio levels controlled – without harsh tone shaping. For live sound use, it will help protect your speaker system, while providing a solid FOH sound. For broadcast, the digital output is perfect when you’ve controlled your master output that’s heading off for broadcast.

COMPELLOR can be used as either a stereo-linked processor, or as two independent mono processors (selectable via front panel). What about analogue vs digital? It all works – stereo or dual mono, with both analogue and digital I/O.

So what kind of tricks are under the bonnet of this made-in-USA beast? Aphex love to talk about their unrivalled "FDL", "DVG" and "DRC" algorithms, so let’s explore those a little further.

The 320D's Frequency Discriminate Leveler section, with the Dynamic Verification Gate and the Silence Gate, slowly adjusts the volume level of an audio stream. It works differently at different frequencies, stops processing when the sound stops, then resumes instantly when the sound reappears, so there's no distracting increases in program background noise. When you listen, you know the levels are made more even, but you don't perceive the levels are shifting (more below)

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The 320D's Variable Slope Compressor, Dynamic Recovery Computer and Dynamic Verification Gate add adaptable compression to match the texture of changing audio sources. You don't hear pumping or other audio artifacts, just natural sound that is evenly consistent in loudness.

Aphex builds products that last and last without need for repairs or calibration. Some Compellors have been in 24-hour use in the same rack for a decade or longer! When you choose a COMPELLOR, you know it will do its job flawlessly and give you peace of mind.

Aphex 320D Compellor features:

  • Delivers transparent audio level control for broadcast, recording and live sound
  • Balanced analog input and output
  • AES digital input and output
  • Dual mono or stereo operation

Compellor front panel controls:

  • Meter select (Program / Gain Reduction)
  • Process (In/Out)
  • Drive (-∞ to 0dB)
  • Rate (Slow / Fast)
  • Process Balance (Variable - LEVEL to COMPRESS)
  • Output (-10dB to 10dB)
  • Limiter switch (In/Out)
  • Threshold (-40dB to 0dB)
  • Stereo Enhance
  • Link / Unlink