Jands 4PAKD

4 Channel Dimmer / Controller (w/ DMX input)

Order Code: 4PAKD
Our Price: $495.00

4PakD integrates the functions of both a control desk and four dimmers into a single, easy to use unit.

Includes integral (pre-programmed and user programmable) chaser unit equipped with speed control and audio switch to create sound to light effects from built in mic. AND, you can use as a slave dimmer from an external DMX control source.

4PAK-D is simple to use in a large variety of situations including stage lighting for schools, bands and theatre groups, effects switching for mobile applications and the control of shop window, foyer, or trade show displays. 

Photo of Jands 4PAKD available from Factory Sound
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  • Four (4) identical control channels may be controlled via the front panel or remotely by DMX
  • A fader and flash button per channel for manual control
  • A mimic LED per channel provides visual indication of each channel’s output at all times
  • High brightness LED display
  • Easy to use menu-based setup
  • Predefined and user programmable chases
  • User programmable scenes
  • ANSI E1.11-2004 DMX-512-A digital control input
  • ANSI E1.20-2006 RDM compliant
  • "Signal" LED for DMX signal indication
  • Link capability for expanded operation
  • Four (4) output circuits set for linear relationship between the control input and output power
  • Opto-fired high current Triac output devices
  • Master over-current thermal-magnetic circuit breaker
  • Supplied complete with captive 1.7m lead and plug
  • Connections to the lights are made via four (4) standard outlets on the back panel
  • Durable polyester front panel decal
  • Integral carry handle