Sennheiser 520493

Spare clip for G3 bodypack transmitters (and IEM packs)

Order Code: 520493
RRP: $8.00

Sennheiser 520493 is a spare clip for any G3 series bodypack transmitter or receiver.

Sometimes, if your on-screen talent is a bit rough with the gear (or if a guitarist is a little wonky packing up at the end of a sweaty gig), the belt clip can get dislodged. Of course, it's always impossible to find at this stage of proceedings.

Keep a spare on hand, in case of emergency.

If not - at least you know where to come. Factory Sound will make sure you get looked after, we keep heaps in stock!

Suits EW100, EW300 and EW500 series bodypacks, including:

Camera mount receivers
Guitar / Instrument transmitters
IEM bodypack receivers
Lapel/headset bodypack transmitter

Photo of Sennheiser 520493 available from Factory Sound

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