Enttec D-SPLIT

1 input / 4 output, optically isolated DMX Splitter

Order Code: 70572
Our Price: $139.00

Compact and very effective opti-splitter for DMX512 distribution. D-SPLIT is an optical isolator/splitter for DMX512. Its purpose is to allow the user more flexibility in connecting their DMX controlled devices.

Instead of having to make them all fit within a single daisy chain, each of the four outputs from the D-SPLIT can be the start of its own chain, and multiple D-SPLITs can be linked together if needed.

2 x 5-pin outputs
2 x 3-pin outputs

If you're more of a '5-pin-only' kind of operator, check out 70575 D-SPIT 5-PIN, with 4x 5-pin outputs (zero 3-pin outputs)

Photo of Enttec D-SPLIT available from Factory Sound
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  • 70572-front
  • 70572-connections


  • Lightweight and portable
  • 1 input, 4 outputs, all optically isolated (protects against up to 1000V of stray voltage)
  • DMX512-1990 compatible
  • Control up to 512 channels
  • LED indicators show Power
  • External 7V Power Supply
  • Has two 5 pin outputs and two 3 pin outputs