Genelec 8020DP

Active Nearfield Monitor, 4″ + 3/4″ (Each)

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These updated Genelec 8020D monitors have had a little tweak from previous versions (8020A, 8020B and 8020C), resulting in higher SPL and lower energy consumption.

8020D bi-amped studio nearfield monitors almost defy explanation. Delivering frequency response of 62 Hz to 20 kHz from a 105mm bass driver and 19mm tweeter needs to be heard to be believed.

Forget the awards and stunning reviews, just come in and listen – you’ll be knocked over, just like we were. Includes Iso-Pod to allow vertical or horizontal positioning, de-coupled from the resting surface. (Priced individually)

Intelligent Signal Sensing (ISS)
Reduces power consumption to less than 0.5 watts by automatically switching the active monitor to standby, when no audio signal has been detected for some time. When it receives an audio signal again, the loudspeaker turns back on. ISS is fully compliant with the latest EU requirements and the ErP 2013 Directive for electronic devices.

8020DP package includes:

  • 1 x 8020D monitor – with Iso-Pod to allow for a variety of vertical positioning options, de-coupled from the resting surface
  • 1 x mains cable 1.8m
  • 1 x user manual
SPL: 100 dB
Frequency Response: 56 Hz – 25 kHz (-6 dB)
± 2.5 dB (62 Hz – 20 kHz)
Driver Dimension: Woofer 4″
Tweeter 3/4″
Amplifier Power: Woofer 50 W
Tweeter 50 W
Dimensions: 242 x 151 x 142 mm
Weight: 3.2 Kg
Connections: 1 x XLR analogue in

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