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Pro Tools | HD Native (thunderbolt) hardware only

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Avid Pro Tools® | HD Native is a thunderbolt-equipped interface (hardware only), ready to run your Pro Tools Ultimate studio.

Get the same pristine sound of Pro Tools® | HDX for less with Pro Tools | HD Native.

Instead of dedicated DSP, HD Native harnesses the power of your computer, so you can take on large, complex sessions. Get the advanced tools you need to turn around projects faster. And get pristine audio fidelity and professional sync capabilities when you pair HD Native with a Pro Tools | HD Series interface.

Whether you’re tracking multiple inputs or mixing hundreds of tracks, Pro Tools | HD Native tightly integrates with your computer’s CPU to keep up with your project’s highest demands. Its interface connects to Thunderbolt-equipped desktop and laptop computers and features an audiophile-grade headphone output for easy monitoring.

Pro Tools | HD Native Thunderbolt features:

  • Harness the power of your computer with the high-speed Thunderbolt interface
  • Create large sessions with up to 384 voices/audio tracks and up to 64 channels of I/O
  • Record, edit, and mix with ease using Pro Tools | Ultimate software
  • Attain the highest performance and lowest latency of any native digital audio workstation
  • Get the ideal tracking experience and set-and-forget direct monitoring with an integrated low-latency monitor mode
  • Capture and reproduce audio with pristine clarity using Pro Tools | HD Series interfaces
  • Boost your capabilities with advanced automation, surround mixing, input monitoring, AFL/PFL solo, destructive punch, and other professional features
  • Create better sounding mixes with AAX plugins and Automatic Delay Compensation on hardware and software inserts
  • Conveniently monitor every detail with the audiophile-grade headphone output
  • Total flexibility – work with Pro Tools or third-party software and an array of audio interfaces
Maximum Channels of I/O: 64
Maximum Audio Tracks @ 48 kHz / 96 kHz / 192 kHz: 384 / 192 / 96
Simultaneous Record Tracks: 256
Total Instrument Tracks: 512
Total MIDI Tracks: 1,024
Total Auxiliary Tracks: 512
Total Busses: Unlimited
Video Tracks: 64
Host Connection: Thunderbolt
Maximum Sample Rate: 32-bit, 192 kHz
Mixer Resolution: 64-bit floating point
Processing Resolution: 32-bit floating point
ASIO/Core Audio Streams: 64
Supported Plugin Formats: AAX Native, AudioSuite
Supported Formats: Mono, Stereo, Surround, Dolby Atmos, Ambisonics
Automatic Delay Compensation: 16k @ 48 kHz
Avid: Pro Tools | HD I/O
Pro Tools | HD OMNI
Pro Tools | HD MADI
Pro Tools | MTRX
Pro Tools | PRE™
Pro Tools | SYNC HD™
Avid: Artist Series family (via EUCON™)
ICON D-Command® ES
ICON D-Control™ ES
MC Pro (via EUCON)
Pro Tools | Dock
Pro Tools | S3
Pro Tools | S6
S5 Fusion (via EUCON)
System 5 family (via EUCON)
Third-Party: Any analog or digital console or control surface that supports the HUI protocol
Video/Media Integration: Avid NEXIS®
Pro Tools | Video Satellite
Remote Control: Pro Tools | MachineControl
Pro Tools | Satellite Link