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Pro Tools Studio – Subscription Renewal (1 year)

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Subscription RENEWAL (1 year) to Pro Tools Studio for home or commercial studios.

Avid Pro Tools Studio is the core of a complete music production system. It’s not the ‘getting-to-know-you’ version (Pro Tools Artist), nor is it the ‘hamburger-with-the-lot’ colossus (Pro Tools Flex).

Get the advanced features and workflows music professionals need to take projects further, including the ability to work with up to 512 audio tracks, plus surround and immersive audio mixing capabilities. Pro Tools Studio allows you to create mixes with up to 512 audio tracks, and allows surround and Dolby Atmos® mixing (previously only in Pro Tools Ultimate) – plus a massive array (120+) of included plug-ins (see the list via AVID website here)


License key delivery is usually fulfilled within 4 hours (or the next business day, if this is an end-of-the-day purchase)

  • NOTE, this renewal must be applied before the expiration of an existing Pro Tools Studio 1-year subscription
  • Please get in touch with us for assistance if you are unsure about this process. We’ll make sure you get looked after
Included Pro Tools software: Pro Tools Studio
Included third-party software: Celemony Melodyne 5 essential, SoundFlow Cloud Avid Edition*
Simultaneous recording inputs: 64
Audio tracks: 512 (mono/stereo/surround)
MIDI tracks: 1,024
Instrument tracks: 512
Aux Input tracks: 128
Routing Folder tracks: 128
Basic Folder tracks: 2,000
Video tracks: 1
Busses: unlimited
Included plugins: 120+
Bit depth, sample rate: 32-bit floating point, 192 kHz


* Included with annual subscriptions and Software Updates + Support Plans for Pro Tools Studio and Pro Tools Ultimate perpetual licenses only