Gopro Flat + Curved Adhesi

Pack of Flat and Curved Adhesive Mounts

Order Code: AACFT-001
Our Price: $31.50

Suitable for use with all GoPro Hero cameras, this pack of mounts features a bunch of adhesive pads, ready to stick to just about any surface.

With 3 x flat and 3 x curved mounts, the adhesive pads are industrial-strength and waterproof. They can be removed by heating the bond with a hair dryer (not while submerged), and then peeling off the mount.

Photo of Gopro Flat + Curved Adhesi available from Factory Sound
  • Aacft-001
  • Aacft-001_side


  • Compatible with a wide variety of curved and flat surfaces
  • Industrial-strength adhesive ensures secure mounting
  • Removable by applying heat to adhesive bond and peeling off mount


  • 3 Curved Adhesive Mounts
  • 3 Flat Adhesive Mounts