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Factory Sound Hardware WALLPLATEBLANK

Blank WallPlate - Suit WALLBOX

RRP: $25.10

This blank WALLPLATE suits our WALLBOX perfectly, nice and recessed for a neat and safe final product. You can drill out your own holes, in any pattern you like. If you stick to D-Sized panel mount connectors, you'll have the choice of Neutrik XLR, speakon, powercon and 1/4" panel mount connectors, but all kinds of specialty connectors, including Ethercon, FireWire and USB. 

For video and AudioVisual applications, you may find the D-series RCA and BNC panel mount connectors useful.

We also carry D-Series 5-pin MIDI panel mount connectors, along with Switchcraft 3.5mm stereo minijack panel mount connectors.

Photo of Factory Sound Hardware WALLPLATEBLANK available from Factory Sound

Please note - this is a blank WALLPLATE. To make this work as designed, you'll need a WALLBOX for flush wall mounting.

Should you wish a custom configuration to be pre-punched by us, get in touch and we'll get your sorted.