Dante AVIO USB IO Adapter 2×2

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Dante AVIO USB IO Adapter 2×2

Dante AVIO™ Adapters let you “Network Everything”

Use this ripper USB adapter to help create an dual channel in / out USB point anywhere needed in your existing Dante-connected system.

ADP-USB-AU-2×2 supports 2×2 channels and is perfect for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)  applications in installed audio systems such as conference rooms. Dante AVIO USB is a class-compliant USB 2.0 audio device, so no drivers or additional software is required on Windows, macOS or Linux.

Dante AVIO USB Adapter lets you connect any computer to a Dante audio network with zero software installation, and can be used with any audio application for playout or recording.

AVIO Adapters – features:

Plug & Play
Each Dante AVIO adapter is a complete, high-performance Dante device, delivering the automation and ease-of-use that have made Dante the most popular audio networking solution worldwide. Dante AVIO adapters are automatically discovered and ready to use when connected, and no separate power supplies are required – just use a common PoE (Power over Ethernet) switch and Dante AVIO adapters are ready to go. The USB adapter can also be powered via USB.

Built for the road
Sonically-welded polycarbonate enclosures and quality hardware are used throughout. Cable assemblies are stress-tested to ensure reliable operation under grueling conditions.

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Dante AVIO USB Adapter applications:

  • Easy audio drop-point for laptops in conference settings, no need to reconfigure your Dante network for different computers
  • Record or playout 2-channel audio from any PC or Mac with no additional software at all
  • Connect mobile devices to a Dante network (with USB adapters)

All Dante
Dante AVIO adapters are all fully-functional Dante interfaces, with all the features you’d expect from Dante audio networking. Each one delivers bit-perfect audio reproduction, super-low latency and sample-accurate synchronization across the entire network.