Rode AI1

Single Channel USB Audio Interface

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Single channel Audio Interface with combo XLR/instrument input, headphone amp and balanced 1/4" outputs.

Rode AI1 is compact, looks stylish, and has a solid construction - weighing in at around 560g.

AI1 is a single channel interface, happy with either a microphone input, or a guitar/bass, thanks to the Neutrik COMBO input.

The gain knob for input has a neat little 'dual function' - press it to turn phantom power on or off (as indicated by the red light next to the knob).

Likewise for the headphone level control... simply plug your headphones into the front panel jack, control the level with the knob, and you can choose between direct monitor (straight from mic to headphones) or 'not' (signal goes from mic to your DAW, and then back to headphones). The 'direct monitor' status is selected by pressing the headphone level knob, and indicated by a light above the headphone control.

Monitoring speakers - can be connected thanks to the pair of 1/4" outputs on the rear of AI1. You'll need to pull your headphones out of the socket to enable speaker monitoring - and your level control is now via the headphone level knob.


Photo of Rode AI1 available from Factory Sound
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AI1 features:

  • Ultra low-noise Class-A discrete preamplifier
  • Sampling rate of up to 96kHz/24-Bit
  • Premium discrete headphone amplifier
  • XLR-1/4” Combo Jack (Instrument / line level input)
  • 2 x Balanced 1/4” speaker outputs
  • Rugged body with Satin Black Finish
  • USB-C/3 connectivity

Don't have a microphone yet?

If you'd rather bundle it all together, Rode NT1/AIKIT is a complete solution, including this AI1 USB interface, plus their popular NT1-KIT condenser microphone, plus shockmount (including pop filter) and XLR cable.

All you need is a mic stand, and a voice!