Aeromic AM12PB-L

Adjustable pouchbelt for bodypack transmitter – Large

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Aeromic AM12PB-L is an adjustable pouchbelt for bodypack transmitters, for ‘large’ waist size.

The neoprene fabric is comfortable to wear under clothing, directly against skin, while the hook-and-loop style fastener is perfect to avoid the obvious ‘show’ of a buckle clip.

AM12PB is ‘plain old beige’ to help minimise visibility should the stage clothing be a little on the skimpier side. There is no logo or reflective material.


Use AM12PB to prolong the life of your bodypack transmitter. Keeping it in the protective neoprene pouch will not only protect against sweat, it will also negate the detrimental effect that direct body contact can have on RF transmission.

This is also a winner for singers wearing wireless in-ear monitoring, for all the reasons listed above

Sizes available:

AM12PB-S: Suit ‘small’ waist, 56 – 76cm
AM12PB-M: Suit ‘medium’ waist, 66 – 86cm
AM12PB-L: Suit ‘large’ waist, 76-96cm