Sennheiser AM2

Front mount antenna extension cables

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Sennheiser AM2 is a pair of 50 ohm BNC extension cables to help front-mount your wireless antennae.

The short (40cm) cable is suitable when a a neat rack-mounting of your Evolution Wireless is desired. Use AM2 in combination with a GA3 rackmount kit, and it allows you to front-mount your antennae.

The male BNC twists onto the antenna connection at the back of your EM100 or EM500 receiver, while the bulkhead mount BNC female includes a thread and the two nuts required to hold it in place in the GA3 rack-kit – allowing for easy installation.

Place your antenna in position at the front of your rack, and you’re ready for action.

Of course, if the rack is not too deep, rear mounting to a generic rack panel also works.

AM2 uses 50Ω cable, with a BNC male and BNC female, making it suitable for all RF situations where a little extension is required.

If you need some help designing your wireless rig, including antenna distribution, get in touch with Factory Sound and we’ll make sure you get looked after.