Reference ANT3-FLEX

50 ohm flexible antenna cable for wireless – 3m

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3m 50Ω RF antenna extender / link cable.

Using CANARE L-3D2V cable, our ANT-FLEX series is suited to either in-rack or external applications for 50 ohm RF antenna.

The stranded (rather than solid) core is good for runs up to around 10m, making these cables perfect to connect an external omni, cardioid or diversity fin antenna to your rack of wireless gear, providing RF coverage with minimal attenuation. The 5.3mm OD and flexible form allows for an easy wrap up and pack up at the end of the gig.

To ensure durability, we’ve chosen CANARE BP-C3 50 ohm BNC connectors. The cables are lovingly (and efficiently) crimped in store at Factory Sound, to your length and boot-colour specifications (see below).

Choose our ANT-FLEX cables to ensure the integrity and quality of your RF rig – no matter how big or small.

ANT-FLEX cables are fully compatible with all antenna distribution products, including splitters for microphone systems and combiners for in-ear rigs. Popular brands here include RF Venue, Sennheiser and Shure.

Customise your cables:

All our ANT-FLEX series cables come with a BLACK boot each end, as standard.

Other choices available are:
Brown, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Grey, White.

We keep all coloured boots in stock, so if you’d like to ID your lengths with colours (or ID your company), simply specify a preferred colour at your time of ordering.