Accessory kit for ZOOM H4nPRO handy recorder

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Zoom APH-4nPRO is an accessory pack to suit H4nPRO handy recorder, making it even more flexible as a sound gathering device – especially during film making duties with either a handycam or DSLR camera.

It includes ZOOM’s universal fluffy windshield – the WSU-1, which helps attenuate low-end rumble from the outdoor environment.

Also included is a splitter cable, to enable monitoring while also sending the stereo signal to your DSLR camera, plus an attenuator cable, to tame the output and allow overload-free input to your camera.

There is a USB cable for connection to your computer, plus the ever-popular AD14 power adapter for those long sessions.


APH-4NPRO Kit Contents:

  • Fluffy Windshield
  • Splitter Cable
  • Attenuator Cable
  • USB Cable
  • AD14 power adapter