15″ + 1.4″ High Powered FOH Speaker

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The “2nd biggest” member of RCF’s ART7 series is the powerful ART735A Mk4 (it’s a touch heavier than the almighty ART745A Mk4)

With 700w RMS (500w going to the 15″ woofer, and 200w powering the 1.4″), ART735A Mk4 works comfortably in front of a band as your Front of House speaker system.

The 3.0″ voice coil neo compression driver offers a unique vocal clarity and sound projection, while the 15″ woofer offers a linear response and precise, deep low frequency control.

Maybe it’s the FiRPHASE

RCF speakers are designed by using FiRPHASE, a proprietary and advanced FIR filtering technology, conceived for delivering transparent sound, absolute clarity and perfect stereo images to the listener. The FiRPHASE algorithm optimises dynamics, amplitude and phase patterns, ensuring at the same time minimum system latency.

Needless to say, we’re impressed.

Back panel:
Mic / Line switch, XLR input, 1/4″ jack input, XLR output, volume knob, EQ (flat / boost for bass response)

Weight: 21.4 kg

Art735A Mk4 features:

  • 132 dB Max SPL
  • 1400 WATT 2-way peak power
  • Innovative DSP Processing
  • 1.4″ Titanium Compression Driver, 3.0″ voice coil, Neodimium
  • 15″ Neodimium Woofer
  • 800 Hz crossover point for perfect vocal reproduction
  • 90°x60°, wide dispersion constant directivity horn
  • FiRPHASE Technology


  • Compact live sound reinforcement
  • Portable PA
  • Frontfill and sidefill
  • Auditorium, Clubs, Ballroom, Corporate AV, Theatre