Sennheiser ASA214-1G8

Active antenna splitter 2 x 1:4 (for 1800 MHz range)

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Clean up your rack of wireless receivers with the ASA 214-1G8.

Not only does it allow you to connect up to 4 x EM100G4-1G8 and combine all the antennas, but it also can supply power to all units.

The included 8 x BNC cables facilitate both functions. Get a couple of AD1800 directional antennas on the end of this, to really improve your wireless system.

Unlike the previous (G3) version (ASA1-1G8), this ASA214-1G8 now comes with NT1-1 power supply, included in the box.

ASA214-1G8 is backwards compatible – works happily with either G4 or G3 rackmount receivers.

For the 180MHz series of Evolution Wireless (1800 MHz)

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In the box:

  • ASA 214-1G8 active antenna splitter
  • 8 x BNC cables (50 cm)
  • 1 x NT1-1 power supply

ASA 214-1G8 Features:

  • Loss-free operation of multi-channel G4 wireless systems
  • Cascading enables the operation of up to 8-channels of wireless through two antennas
  • Power is supplied to the connected ew receivers through the BNC antenna cables
  • Compatible with G4 and G3 systems