Sennheiser ASP212

Passive Dual 1:2 splitter (2 x 2-way)

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Sennheiser ASP212 is a passive, dual 2-way 50ohm antenna splitter for use in a variety of multi-channel wireless situations.

ASP212 can be used in a couple of ways and allows DC pass through, should antenna boosters be included in the RF solution.

Not only will ASA212 work as a DUAL 1:2 splitter, it also works as a DUAL 2:1 combiner, allowing this handy device to be deployed in a dual-zone environment (using two sets of antennae).

110 x 83 x 30mm

Ships with some velcro, for easy mounting inside a rack

ASP212 features:

  • Frequency range: 30 – 950MHz
  • Attenuation: approx. 4 dB
  • Power Supply: DC-coupled, 0.3A max.
  • RF connectors: BNC