Analog active bass trap

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PSI’s AVAA C20 is an Analog active bass trap that is unique, easy to set up and move, with no calibration required and it is as efficient as passive absorbers 25 times its size!

The AVAA C20 typically reduces the resonance time of all room modes between 15 Hz and 150 Hz by up to 50%.

It’s 100% analogue technology allowing for zero latency processing, Works in any type of room from recording/mixing/mastering studios, OB Vans, hifi listening rooms, machine rooms

All PSI’s products are crafted by hand with a passionate attention to detail at our Swiss workshop. Handmade manufacturing has a key advantage over industrial production – it allows us to match and adjust components so that tolerances cancel each other out, instead of building up.

If you want to fight room modes, passive absorption is what first comes to mind.
But treating low frequencies requires a lot of space and tuning to be effective with any passive system.

If your room size is limited, active bass traps is the solution with the following benefits:

  • extremely compact
  • works on a wide broadband (15 – 160 Hz)
  • doesn’t dampen higher frequencies
  • extremely effective
  • can easily be moved from room to room
  • robust long-lasting product

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