Avantis dPack – dLive processing power

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Avantis dPack is additional dLIVE processing, added to your Avantis for a magical mixing match.

Right out of the box, Avantis is loaded with powerful processing tools that will easily meet the demands of most users and applications.

You can get more though… Upgrade your console with this Avantis dPack to get additional dLive processing including Dyn8 (up to 16 instances), DEEP Compressors, and the Dual Stage Valve Preamp, plus more models as they’re added.

Trusted by platinum selling artists on sellout tours, DEEP puts incredible emulations directly within Avantis’ input and mix channels with zero latency. No burning FX slots, no 3rd party gear hassles and no issues with latency or phase coherency.

Dyn 8
Avantis dPack also delivers Dyn8, a powerful and sophisticated processor boasting 4 bands of dynamic EQ and 4 bands of multiband compression. With endless applications including taming vocals, tightening sub-groups or adding sonic glue to a mix, Dyn8 changes the way we think about dynamic processing. dPack enables 16 Dyn8 engines for inserting on Input and Mix channels.

Note: if your purchased your Avantis console initially as Avantis DPack Bundle, there is no need to additionally purchase this dPack processing pack.

Included with dPack:

  • DEEP Compressors
         – PeakLimiter 76
         – 16T 
         – 16VU
         – Mighty
         – Opto
  • DEEP Preamp
         – Dual Stage Valve Preamp
  • Dyn Dynamics
         – 16 x Dyn8 instances