Sennheiser AVX-ME2SET-3-AU

Wireless Camera Kit with ME2 Lapel Mic

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Sennheiser AVX series of camera-mounted wireless systems are perfect for filmmakers who need a simple solution to wireless audio, without extra buttons and menus for advanced setup options.

The super-compact EKP receiver plugs straight into your camera’s XLR input and can easily swivel to any position – just in case you’re using a pair of systems to record two channels of audio.

Should you be using a DSLR to capture both your vision and audio, there’s also a handy adaptor cable for XLR-mini jack, along with a shoe-mount that grabs around the XLR to allow for easy camera mounting.

This lapel system features a rugged bodypack, and miniature ME2 omnidirectional lapel microphone. Digital wireless technology – operating in 1.9GHz spectrum – is ideal for trouble-free wireless audio. It also allows for a some handy features, including:

DYNAMIC RANGE: AVX matches perfectly to the camera’s input sensitivity, without having to adjust the audio level on the microphone by hand; PLUG AND RECORD: AVX plugs directly into the XLR audio input and uses phantom power. It switches on and off automatically with the camera; LINK PROTECTION: AVX works faster than the human ear, so before any interferences becomes audible, the AVX selects the best operating frequency and switches to a clean channel.

Check out our overview video in the tab below, for a closer look at some of the features.

Kit contains:

  • Plug-on receiver
  • Energy pack
  • Hot shoe mount
  • USB charger
  • USB charging cable
  • Bodypack transmitter
  • ME 2 lavalier microphone
  • Hot shoe mount
  • Beltclip
  • XLR to mini jack cable
  • Pouch


  • Very fast setup
  • Plugs directly into XLR audio input
  • Ultra compact receiver
  • Switches on/off by P48 Phantom power
  • Optimised dynamic range
  • Auto frequency management
  • AES 256 encryption
  • License free
  • Accessories included for DSLR use
  • Metal housing
  • Made in Germany