Gopro Wi-Fi Remote chargin

Wi-Fi Remote - Charging Cable

Order Code: AWRCC-001
Our Price: $31.50

We're big fans of the Wi-Fi Remote by GoPro. It's undoubtedly handy in heaps of situations where you can't (or don't want to) touch your Hero3 or Hero3+ cameras.

However, if you've lost or misplaced your charging cable, a slight problem will arise, as it's a specific cable with USB on just the one end.

Never fear. Here's the replacement charging cable. Don't lose this one.
Use it to plug into Auto Charger for car use, or just about any USB-based charging devices, including your computer.

Photo of Gopro Wi-Fi Remote chargin available from Factory Sound


  • Use to charge your GoPro Wi-Fi Remote
  • Compatible with most USB chargers