Nearfield 6.5″ Studio Monitor (each)

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RCF Ayra Pro6 is an active 2-way 6.5″ nearfield studio monitor (80W+40W).

AYRA PRO6 studio monitor delivers accurate monitoring and provides the engineer or producer with a neutral tool to analyse recordings and optimise the mix. As the ‘middle child’ in the range, Ayra Pro6 hits a nice sweet spot with accuracy, clarity, bass response, power…it’s “just right”. With or without a subwoofer, you are going to get a good look at the sonic picture. With extra horsepower in the amplification (compared with Ayra Pro5), you can monitor at a comfortable level – or even an uncomfortable level – without the internal amps clipping.

Inputs and Controls:
AYRA PRO has balanced XLR and TRS Jack inputs, plus an unbalanced RCA input to accommodate a wide range of sourcess. Two room response controls are their to either boost or attenuate 1 dB on High Frequency and 2 dB at Low Frequency.

A new perspective on linearity:
RCF is is proud to declare “AYRA PRO is the first Studio Monitor in its class to boast an outstanding 0° phase response”

All models in the range are designed with FiRPHASE, a proprietary and advanced FIR filtering technology, conceived for delivering transparent sound, absolute clarity and perfect stereo images to the listener. A dedicated powerful internal DSP optimises frequency response and dynamics with exclusive RCF FiRPHASE processing.

It looks like Ayra Pro5 should cost more – but it doesn’t, so let’s embrace it before somebody changes their mind!

AYRO PRO6 features:

  • 45 – 20 kHz Frequency Response
  • 0° Phase Response
  • 80W + 40W Class-D Amplifiers
  • 6.5” Composite Fiberglass Woofer
  • 1” ferrofluid cooled Soft Dome tweeter
  • RCF Precision Waveguide
  • DSP Processing with FiRPHASE
  • Low distortion frontal Vented Ports