Factory Sound Hardware BIG-SIX COVER

Padded cover for SSL BiG-SiX

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Big Six COVER is a padded, lined protective cover to ensure longevity of your SSL BiG SiX studio grade mixing console

With a velvet lining to snuggle nicely over the important parts of your console, this cover will help keep it dust and spill free when you’re not actively making magic in the studio.

Designed specifically to fit the SSL BigSix, this cover will help extend the life and usability of the pots, faders and I/O.

Spin the cover around, and you’ll see a cutout to allow your cables to stay in place, without strain.

Purchase BiG SiX at $4899 to receive this cover free.
This offer is exclusive to Factory Sound.

Big Six Cover features:

  • Heavy-duty nylon exterior protects your amp against spills and dampness
  • Padded 10mm layer for impact protection
  • Super-soft velvet interior
  • Heavy-duty seam binding with a 30mm seat-belting line that makes the cover very durable and attractive
  • 10mm nylon binding for the interior seam
  • 3mm nylon cord-piping within the corners – to keep the shape of the cover
  • Rear-cut of the cover allows your cables to stay connected at all times – and not get stressed by the cover placement