Factory Sound Hardware BOLTPAC-CS-BK

20 x BLACK bolts M3 countersunk, Nyloc nuts

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Pack of 20 x bolts & 20 x nuts  – M3 countersunk philips head, 10mm (BLACK), plus nyloc nuts.

Our popular BOLTPAC-CS-BL is a perfect compantion for the PL-XLR series of pre-punched GPO-sized wall plates, to suit any Neutrik D-sized panel mount connector.

The 10mm countersunk Phillips head bolts sit flush with the plates, so for best results, make sure you rear-mount the connectors.

Nyloc nuts ensure a ‘no slip’ grip for your M3 bolts. Your panel mounts won’t budge.

Also available with ZINC bolts: BOLTPAC-CS

Wall plates

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