Location Recording Boompole (855 - 3232mm, 950g)

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Gone fishin. Ideal for location work, especially with shotgun microphones. Rode's version of the boompole is reasonably lightweight at just under a kilo, and is well adjustable up to 3m for extra reach.

Use the 3/8" thread to connect to your shockmount, blimp, or mic holder.

Ideally you'd connect up Rode's Blimp which includes the suspension, anti-wind shield and fluffy 'dead wombat' wind cover.

For an even more lightweight, carbon fibre version, check out BOOMPOLEPRO available from October 2015.

Photo of Rode BOOMPOLE available from Factory Sound
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Weight 940 gm
Dimensions 3300 mm x 40 mm x 40 mm