Sennheiser CC3

Carry Case for Evolution Wireless

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Take care of your Sennheiser Evolution Wireless System when it’s not in use, by popping it in this handy carry / storage case.

There are cutouts to ensure any EW100 series model is sorted:

-EM100 receiver cutout
-Power supply cutout
-Anntenna cutouts
-Spare battery cutouts
-Handheld, headset and lapel cutouts
-Bodypack cutout

Best suited for any EW100 series wireless, with a fixed receiver.

EW300 and EW500 series come shipped with rack-mounting hardware, so it’s likely you’ll only need to protect your microphone and/or bodypack when using EW300/500

For these models, check out the specially designed CNC cutout drawer inserts for Sennheiser