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CAIG DustALL Compressed Air

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CAIG DustALL Compressed Air – 284 g (10 oz)

Blow out any bits of gear in an instant with this “wind storm in a can” from CAIG.

Use DustALL to perform a mini-service of your gear, while it’s still in service – such as, blowing out the fans and vents in your amps, without sending them off for a full overhall. Includes extention tube to help reach those tricky spots.

For the particularly messy types, you can also blow the lunch crumbs quickly out of your ops laptop, before anyone notices you were eating the leftover morning tea scraps from the convention you’re working at.

And the blurb from HOSA:

DustALL is a general purpose cleaner designed to quickly and safely remove dust, lint, and particles from hard to reach places on instruments, computers, and anywhere dust is a problem. Features include:

– Moisture free for safe cleaning of sensitive electronic equipment
– Precise trigger valve and extension tube for controlled application
– Ozone safe for a greener planet

See below for more infomation about CAIG cleaning and maintenance products

CAIG Laboratories, Hosa Technology and Factory Sound

CAIG Laboratories are the leading producer of environmentally-safe contact cleaners and connector enhancing treatments, proudly partnered by HOSA since 2009. Factory Sound carries a large offering, so make sure you grab what you need – before that uh-oh moment happens at a gig

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