Cordial CFY1.8WFF

3.5mm Stereo MiniJack to 2 x XLR Female (1.8m)

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Cordial CFY1.8WFF is an laptop recording lead with a left and right XLR connector, for use in lots of audiovisual situations, where you want to keep a record of proceedings.

A bit more rugged than mass-produced cables with molded connectors, this one uses premium Cordial cable and metal connectors by Rean.

There's a clearly visible RED ID marking on the 'right' channel XLR connector, to make sure your stereo image behaves as it should.

Dual XLR Female Mono - 3.5mm Stereo patch cable
Length: 1.5m

Use this cable to take a left and right signal out of your mixers, and plug into your laptop or recorder, when you need to keep a record of the performance, meeting, lecture, etc.

Note - even though there are 2 x 3-pin XLR connectors as the inputs for this lead, they are not balanced. Pin 1 and Pin 3 on each XLR are tied to the sleeve of the mini-jack

Photo of Cordial CFY1.8WFF available from Factory Sound

There's a Cordial cable for many audio applications you'll come across in the audiovisual tech environment.

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