Cordial CFY3WPP

3.5mm Stereo MiniJack to 2 x 1/4″ Male (3m)

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Just about our most requested ‘AV’ cable, this one is an iPod lead, and also perfect for laptop use.

A bit more rugged than mass-produced cables with molded connectors, this one uses premium Cordial cable and metal connectors by Rean.

There’s a clearly visible RED ID marking on the ‘right’ channel 1/4″ jack connector, to make sure your stereo image behaves as it should.

3.5mm Stereo – Dual 6.3mm Mono Patch Cable
Length: 3m

Use this cable to plug your laptop or iPod into a stereo DI for squeaky clean playback in your audiovisual setting.

Need it to be a bit shorter?

There’s a Cordial cable for many audio applications you’ll come across in the audiovisual tech environment.

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