Studio preamp channel with hybrid valve input

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The quality of signal hitting your DAW makes a big difference to your final product.

Get some beef, grunt and sparkle into your front end by plugging in to an Aphex Channel.

You can sit back and watch the 8 min video tour on the tab below, but if you’re somewhat time-crunched, here are the vitals:

– Microphone input via rear panel (instrument jack on front panel gets priority)
– Analogue line output via XLR (+4db) or ¼” jack (-10dB) – switchable
– Digital output via XLR (AES/EBU), RCA (S/PDIF) and Toslink (OPTICAL)
– Word clock I/O via 75Ω BNC

The front panel is where all the real action is though. You get:

Input gain control knob, 48v phantom switch, -20dB pad, 75Hz High-pass switch, phase invert AND phase rotator, plus a no-fuss compression section.

When turned on, your input gain knob decides how hard you also hit the compressor, while you also get a release knob.

There’s a Logic Assisted Gat, De-esser, Parametric EQ, along with the famous APHEX Big Bottom and Aural Exciter circuits, as seen in their rackmount EXCITER.

There is a switch to globally turn on/off the ‘EQ’ section (including Big Bottom and Aural Exciter), plus an output level control knob.

Of course, CHANNEL is not limited to recording studio applications. These are an excellent choice for broadcast studios, to give maximum clarity to any on-air microphone.

For a live sound situation, get a smokingly good bass sound by using Channel in your signal chain – either as a front-of-house insert at the mix position, or as front end in a bass rig.

Aphex Channel features:

  • Patented RPA tube preamp
  • EasyRider® Class A automatic compressor
  • Patented logic-assisted gate
  • Universal de-esser
  • Patented Aphex Aural Exciter® and Big Bottom® processors
  • S/PDIF and AES/EBU digital outputs

Patented Reflected Plate Amplifier (RPA) Tube Preamp
     – Ultra-wide bandwidth, maximum gain and headroom
     – Lower operating temperature than conventional tube designs for longer tube life
     – Individually tuned at the Aphex factory for unparalleled consistency: any two units are a matched pair
EasyRider Class A Compressor
     – Aphex’s patented Wave Dependent Compressor automatically adjusts attack and release times according to program complexity
     – No-Knee compression curve circuitry automatically adjusts compression ratio based on program levels
     – Includes Aphex’s 1001 Class A Voltage Controlled Attenuator, used in the Compellor and Dominator
Logic Assisted Gate: Patented gate technology designed to avoid false triggers, clicks and chattering
De-Esser: Split band universal de-esser designed to maintain presence while dramatically reducing sibilance on any voice
Aural Exciter: Patented technology for increased presence and clarity with improved detail and intelligibility
Big Bottom: Patented technology for deeper and more resonant bass with little or no increase in peak output
Parametric EQ: For the ability to precisely fine tune the all-important midrange between the Big Bottom and Aural Exciter