Techflex Clean Cut 25.4mm BK

Clean Cut PET 25.4mm cable sleeve (BLACK) per metre

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Techflex Flexo CLEAN CUT PET 25.4mm BK is a non-fray, expanding braided cable sleeve (min/max 19.1 – 30.2mm) in black.

This is per metre pricing (we cut your length to suit).

With slightly different characteristics of the polyethylene terepthalate filaments, this Clean Cut sleeving differs to the popular FlexoPET range, in that it can be conveniently cut with scissors (without fraying), for easy deployment in the field. No hot knife required!

Clean Cut PET offers full coverage and excellent abrasion protection for either delicate cables, or high-use looms that need a little extra protection. It is braided from durable, 0.2mm (0.008″) polyester monofilament fibres and has a continuous operating temperature range from -70° C to 125° C.

Expands from 19.1mm to 30.2mm (3/4″ to 1 3/16″)
Check here for the other CLEAN CUT PET size variants

Did we mention you only need scissors, for a clean cut? Don’t forget to finish the ends with heatshrink (for neatness), cable ties or Nitto.

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