Cloud Microphones CLOUDLIFTER CL-1

Microphone Activator – Single Channel of Cloudlift ‘boost’

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The original Cloudlifter CL-1, handmade in USA by Cloud Microphones.

It provides up to +25dB of ultra-clean gain in two distinct stages and optimal impedance loading for dynamic and ribbon microphones to perform their best.

Put simply, if you’re not getting the performance you’d hope for from your microphone, it could be because of the microphone built in to your audio interface – the classic example of which is a Shure SM7B plugged into a one-or-two channel computer interface. Turning the gain up on your interface (if it’s an entry-level brand) will sometimes introduce unwanted elements, including noise, into the signal chain. In this example, by far the easiest way to increase the performance of your microphone (and to hear more of its unique characteristics) is to use a Cloudlifter CL-1 to boost the gain. Now you can use less gain via your audio interface, while still maintaining excellent output from your microphone. Job done!

Cloudlifter CL-1 is phantom powered, but will not pass +48v through to the microphone, making it ideal for use with passive ribbon microphones – where adding phantom power to them could be fatal to the microphone capsule.

Plug & Play
Simply connect your dynamic or ribbon mic to the input and connect a mixer or preamp to the output. The Cloudlifter does the rest.

The Cloudlifter’s patented discrete JFET circuitry preserves the source’s natural sound while keeping the direct audio path clear of transformers, capacitors, and resistors.

What is a Cloudlifter?

A Cloudlifter is a plug and play, inline device that converts +48V phantom power from your preamp, mixer, or interface into as much as +25dB of clean, clear gain.

The Cloud Microphones patented JEFT circuitry directly couples with your preamp and has no transformers, capacitors, or transistors in the audio path and has no power supply. The result is a boost to your low output dynamic or ribbon microphone’s signal without adding any noise or colouration.

Cloudlifters can be an invaluable tool for any audio scenario:

  • Recording into a DAW interface
  • Performing live on stage
  • Producing a podcast
  • Using long cable runs in the studio
  • Miking soft sound sources
  • Using noisy or low gain preamps

Rugged, road-ready, and portable. Manufactured responsibly in the USA.

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