DPA Micr CM2218B00

MicroDot Extension Cable, 1.8 m (2.2 mm OD) – Black

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MicroDot Extension Cable for use with DPA miniature microphones.

CM2218B00 is a 1.8m microdot cable (female to male), that be be used with any miniature microphone from DPA, including d:vote™ instrument microphones, d:fine™ headset microphones and d:screet™ lavalier microphones.

This cable variant is the ‘heavy duty’ version, with a 2.2mm cable OD.

If you require the lighter version, check out CM1618B00  – 2.2mm OD

Not the part you’re looking for?

We keep plenty of genuine DPA microphone accessories in stock, including a variety of spare microdot cables, XLR adapters, and wireless apdapters for Sennheiser and Shure.

We’ve even got spare mounts to suit the d:vote™ 4099 range of instrument microphones.

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