Dynacord CMS1000

CMS 1000-3 mid-size mixing console

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Our Price: $2,180.00

Made in Germany, CMS1000-3 is the Compact Mixing System that integrates a high-quality mixer, digital 24/48-bit effects processors of studio quality, and now also a digital interface for PC and Mac.

Channel Count
You get 6 fully featured Mic/Line channels (Hi, Swept Mid, Lo EQ, plus a nifty 'VOICING FILTER' button); along with 4 Mic/Stereo channels.
Two of the stereo inputs are additionally equipped with RCA sockets switched in parallel for CD or MP3 players. The two other stereo inputs receive in addition the four channels of the digital audio interface USB 1-2 and USB 3-4. Separate Gain controls are provided for the Stereo Line and Mic inputs to permit them to be used in parallel if desired.

6 AUX busses
2 (FX) are assiged to the two effects devices; 2 (AUX) can be configured either as monitor or effects sends; 2 (MON) are designed as monitor sends, each being equipped with a sweepable anti-feedback filter in the Master section.

11-band stereo equaliser can be routed to the Master channels or else to either or both of the Monitor Sends according to choice. The Standby switch mutes all channels (ideal for set breaks), with only the 2TRACK-to-Master input remaining active for playback.

Plus, of course, two integrated stereo multi-effects processors that work independently of one another, each offering 100 effects algorithms optimised for live performance, the most important parameters of which are editable.

For the powered version, check out PowerMate 1000-3

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