Portable inline pre-amplifier: Dense Sound • Slow Transients • Warm and Colour

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Flavours Preamps is a collection of studio-quality microphone inline analogue preamplifiers that will bring an extra dose of gain, texture and colour to your vocals and instrument recordings, along with live performances.

Tierra Audio COCOA is: Dense Sound • Slow Transients • Warm and Colour

COCOA is ideal for microphones used for podcasting and streaming – and, if you want to add a lot of colour in your music to your vocals, guitars, strings, drums… Cocoa will not leave you indifferent.

All Flavours Preamps are specially designed for safe use with dynamic and passive ribbon microphones. Phantom power will never reach the microphone. If you do want to use the Flavours Preamps with condenser microphones or with active (phantom-powered) ribbon microphones, you will have to use an external phantom power source to feed your microphone.

Output of Flavours Preamps is a boosted balanced microphone signal (output is not a line level signal). Handmade in Madrid (Spain).

COCOA flavour:

Boosted Gain: +45 dB.
Frequency Filter: more middle, less treble.
Harmonic Distortion: odd harmonics, slow response to transients.
Input Transformer: exclusive Carnhill®, (like T|A Lava Preamp).

The seven Flavours are…

Truffle, Cocoa, Mint, Chilli, Vanilla, Pepper and Salt.

Seven different flavours, each offering a very versatile sound range to help you improve the sound of your lead voices, choirs, Spanish guitars, acoustic guitars, electric guitar, bass amplifiers, and all kinds of string instruments such as violins, cellos or double basses, percussion instrument.

In short, any voice or instrument that can be picked up by a microphone.

Each of the models offers a different gain level (all boosted), as well as a possible frequency filter (more or less bass, mid and/or treble) and a certain harmonic distortion (soft or hard), or even an improved but totally neutral sound, without additives.

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