Protective cover for ART312A, ART315A and more

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COVERART312 is a great little bag to help protect your RCF ART312A or ART315A speakers, among others.

Cleverly designed to have holes, hook-and-loop tabs, and zips in all the right places, no external handles are needed when transporting your ART312/5A. Simply open a flap for the side or top speaker handle, and you’re away.

For protection while you’re mounted on a stand, you can leave the cover in position. There’s a zip to open the front face, and another to access the back panel. There’s also a flap to allow pole-mounting access.

The ART312 COVER helps prevent unsightly scratches and road rash as you’re lugging in and out of the gig, and offers a nice padded home for your speaker when it’s not in use.

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Note: This bag also works for the following discontinued models: ART322A; ART325A; ART522A; ART525A

COVERART312 features:

  • Protects the speaker from scratches and hits
  • Strong nylon construction
  • Can be used in situ