RF Venue CPB

CP Beam – High Gain, folding helical antenna

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RF Venue CP Beam antenna is a high gain directional UHF antenna – lightweight and foldable.

CPB (CP Beam) is a helical antenna with 9dB of gain. Because it’s easily folded (and can be stored in a 2RU drawer), CPB is perfect for touring applications. It weighs jsut over 1kg, and so will attach easily to standard microphone stands.

CP Beam connects to any brand IEM or  wireless mic system, and is widely used on major concert tours for monitoring and comms.

RF Freq: 470-698 MHz

Check the video tab, for a quick overview on CP Beam by RF Venue

More on Helical antennas, by RF Venue:

Helical antennas have a distinctive “corkscrew” design. This gives them exceptional directionality, even better than LPDA “shark fins”, and very high gain. Most importantly, the screw shape creates circular polarisation.

Signals can be transmitted on circularly polarised waves, and signals can be received from transmitters of any orientation as well. Circular polarisation can roughly be understood as the edges of the wave spinning in a circle as the wave moves forward in space, creating a spiral shape.

In contrast, the edges of linearly polarised waves (which can be vertical, horizontal, or however the transmitting antenna is oriented) travel along a flat plane.