Balanced XLR microphone / signal lead – 5m

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Cordial CRM5FMBLACK is a medium length (5m) balanced interconnect lead with NEUTRIK connectors, female XLR to male XLR.

Using black NEUTRIK® XLR female and male connectors in combination with Cordial’s powerful and super sturdy CMK Road 250 cable makes CRM5FMBLACK a suitable solution for tough live event demands.

It also includes a useful transparent shrink-on tube for labelling.

The ‘virtually indestructible’ CMK-ROAD 250 cable combines an 0.50mm² OFC conductor cross-section with an extra sturdy PVC mix. It has a high notch rupture resistance and stability to help endure even the toughest stage strains.

Length: 5m
Connectors: Neutrik

We carry three levels of Cordial XLR microphone and signal cables.

Budget – Part of the Cordial “Essential” range, CCM series XLR cables are cost-effective
Midrange – The next level up from Essential, CPM series XLR cables feature genuine Neutrik connectors
Premium – Top tier stuff, with these CRM series XLR cables you get genuine Neutrik plus a braided shield cable

Not the cable you’re looking for?

Check our range of Cordial Cables here

connector brand NEUTRIK ®
plugs 1x XLR female 3-pole
1x XLR male 3-pole
Conductor area 0.50 mm²
Composition of conductor 28 x 0.15
Material bare copper
Conductor resistance 38 Ohm/km
Shielding braided screen on
Capacity cond.-cond. (pF/m) 80 pF/m
cable o/d 6.8 mm
weight 60 g/m
Conductor isolation PE

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