CableSafe CS-02i

2 Channel Cable Protector (1m)

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Excellent dual channel cable tray with cover. This model is far more slimline than the 5-channel CS-05i, making it perfect where you’ve got a bunch of power and signal channels you’d like to separate and protect.

At just 45mm high and 250mm wide, it’s compact. The two generous channels (each 35mm high and 30mm wide) will happily house 3-phase cables, air lines, audio multicores and any other large gauge cables that need protection.

Female-Male interlocking system for extending your protective runs, and 45° angle corner pieces are also available to help snake your trays around if required.


Dimensions: 1m long x 250mm wide x 45mm high
Weight: 7.5kg
No of Channels: 2
Channel Dimensions (each): 30mm(W) x 35mm(H)
Weight Loading: NATA Laboratory tested for 5minutes to 3T per tyre, equivalent to 12T per axle
Interconnect System: Male-Female System

Perfect for covering 2 x 3 phase cables, normal power cables or a couple of air or water hoses without having to employ a larger ramp