CableSafe CS-07i

Dropover Cable Ramp - Single channel (Hi-Vis Yellow)

Order Code: CS-07i
RRP: $80.00

Very simple dropover cable safety cover. An internal 100mm x 30mm channel allows a bunch of signal or power cables to be protected from trip risk. The semi-flexible polyurethane construction allows the cable ramp to "hug" the floor. Easily deployed and removed for a simple temporary or permanent solution. Useful for covering power cables, microphone or signal leads, air lines and more in the workplace, or any situation where high visibility is important.

The 960mm long pieces interconnect, forming any length.

Weight: 3.5kg
Colour: Yellow

Photo of CableSafe CS-07i available from Factory Sound
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Dimensions: 960mm long x 275mm wide x 38mm high
Weight: 3.5kg
No of Channels: 1
Channel Dimensions: 100mm(W) x 30mm(H)
Weight Loading: For pedestrian traffic only
Interconnect System: Male-Female System

10 x standard thickness microphone /signal /DMX cables will comfortably fit inside the channel.