Cordial CYB80C15

Multicore Dropbox, 8 x Input / 0 x Output (all XLR) – 15m

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Cordial CYB80C15 is an 8 x Input / 0 x Output (all XLR) dropbox (stage multicore) with REAN by Neutrik XLR connectors – 15m.

Even in the era of versatile and more and more digital audio networks, analogue signal transmission between stage and Front of House, or control room and recording studio will still retain its importance as an integral part of any audio infrastructure.

CYB 80C 15 has 8x XLR inputs on the stagebox, with no returns. The tail split is around 1.2m, with groups of 4 colour coded with ID rings for quick identification.

Connectors: REAN
Length: 15m

Inputs: 8
Outputs: 0

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