2-Channel DI / Dante Audio Receiver

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Radial DAN-RX is a 2-channel 24 bit/96kHz digital to analogue endpoint that allows the user to output audio from a Dante™ network for connection to professional audio systems.

DiNET-DAN-RX is equipped with XLR outputs for connection to balanced professional audio equipment such as the mic inputs on a mixing board, or directly to an amplifier or powered speakers.

In live sound applications, the DAN-RX can be used to return audio to the stage or to route audio to smaller PA systems or recorders in remote rooms throughout the venue.

A local 3.5mm headphone output is equipped with its own level control to test audio before connection to the PA system or to monitor locally with headphones, making it useful in events where several people need to listen in with personal monitor systems.

The DAN-RX features 24bit/96kHz digital to analog convertors for exceptional audio quality. The DAN-RX will accept Power over Ethernet (PoE), but a power adapter is included for use when PoE is not available.

Once connected, the DAN-RX will appear as a 2-channel output device in the Dante Controller software and on other Dante-enabled devices on the network. The DAN-RX is the easiest way to convert a stereo feed from Dante to analog.

DI NET DAN-RX features:

  • Stereo analog output device for Dante™ networks
  • Balanced XLR outputs for connection at mic or line level
  • Built-in headphone amplifier for personal monitoring
  • 24bit/96kHz digital to analog conversion

DiNET™ DAN-RX™ FAQ (via Radial website)

Does the DAN-RX have any analog inputs?
No, the DAN-RX is only equipped with a Dante™ network input.

Will the DAN-RX work with Power over Ethernet (PoE), or do I need to connect an external power supply?
The DAN-RX will operate with Power over Ethernet. An external power adapter is included for use with networks that do not provide PoE.

Do I need to configure anything on the DAN-RX when connecting to a network?
No, the DAN-RX is plug-and-play. As soon as it is connected to the Dante network it will appear as a 2-channel output device.

Do I need to use special Ethernet switches to connect my Dante network?
No, Dante will work with any switch. Please refer to the Audinate® Dante™ website for more information.

Is the 3.5 output in the DiNET DAN-RX good and powerful enough to work as standalone IEM amplifier?
Yes. We tested this last week and it works great!

Do I need to send the analog output to an headphone amplifier?
You can if you wish, but the headphone out is quite powerful.