Antenna Distribution System (4-way) with cascade

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DISTRO4 distributes diversity RF and DC power across four wireless microphone receivers of any brand.

A true “distribution amplifier”, DISTRO4 splits signals from two antennas (or one Diversity Fin) connected to the rear panel and amplifies them before delivering the signals to multiple receivers in a rack.

An additional cascade port is included for daisy chaining multiple units together to accommodate up to 16 receivers per antenna pair.

DISTRO4 features a 2000 mA internal power supply (no wall wart) and compares to antenna distributors twice its price. It includes all RF and DC power cables needed to connect a 4 channel wireless microphone system as well as cascade to one additional DISTRO4.

Note: RF Venue DISTRO4 is suitable for use with Shure Wireless and also for Sennheiser Wireless microphone systems.

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