Mackie DL1608BAG

Carry bag for DL1608 mixer

Order Code: DL1608BAG
RRP: $209.00

Protect your DL1608 or DL1608LT when it's in transit.

This bag is nicely padded, and designed to perfectly house your mixer. The DL1608 is designed to be super-portable, so you may as well ensure that it's fully protected once you start packing up from the gig.

A heavy duty zip will make sure the bag won't let you down, while the handy shoulder strap will let you keep a couple of hands free for carry other things into and out of the gig.

Photo of Mackie DL1608BAG available from Factory Sound

If your DL1608 is permanently installed (or in the studio), don't let it gather dust. Check out DL1608CVR - lightweight protective dust cover.