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Allen & Heath dLive-DM48

dLive DM48 MixRack - 48 mic/line in, 24 line out

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MixRack is the heart of any dLive system. DM48 has 128 x 64 I/O capabilities, with physical I/O comprising 48 mix/line inputs via XLR, 24 line outputs via XLR, plus ME-1 port, 3 x I/O Ports and 1 x PSU.

DM48 houses the XCVI processing core, complete with audio I/O, control and audio networking ports. It is typically connected to a dLive Surface, but can also be controlled at the same time as or even without a Surface using a laptop or iPad, Allen & Heath IP remotes or third party controllers via TCP/IP.

There are 3 sizes of dLive MixRack available (DM48 is the 'medium' size). All feature the same mix engine and differ only in the number of analogue I/O. All models can work with the full 128 channels by adding DX expanders or patching digital sources.

XCVI Core:
The power of dLive emanates from the XCVI Core, with 36 parallel virtual processing cores generating enough power for 160×64 channels of processing at 96kHz sampling rate.

Six parallel mixing engines within the Core calculate over 10,000 cross points per sample, while the FPGA router has capacity for 3,000 x 3,000 audio paths.

The massive power of XCVI (25 billion operations per second) allows dLive to deliver 128 full processing inputs and 16 stereo FX returns, a configurable 64 bus architecture, variable bit depth for ultimate precision and noise performance, a virtually infinite mix headroom thanks to a 96bit accumulator, and class leading latency at an ultra-low 0.6ms.

Check out dLIVE-S5000 surface here

Photo of Allen & Heath dLive-DM48 available from Factory Sound
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dLive DM32 MixRack features:

  • 48 mic/line inputs, 24 line outputs
  • XCVI 160×64 FPGA core
         - 96kHz sample rate
         - Variable bit-depth for ultimate precision and noise performance
         - Virtually infinite mix headroom thanks to 96bit accumulator
         - Class leading, ultra-low latency < 0.6ms
  • 128 Input Channels with full processing
  • 64 Mix Outputs with full processing
  • Configurable 64 bus architecture (group, FX, aux, matrix, mains)
         - LR, LCR and up to 5.1 mains mode
         - Multiple PFLs
  • 16 RackExtra FX with dedicated stereo returns
  • 16 DCAs
  • Built-in signal generator and RTA
  • New preamp design for extra transparency
  • Unique Active PAD circuit for consistent performance with any source
  • Connection hub
         - Dual redundant GigaACE gigabit link to Surface
         - 2x redundant DX links for I/O expansion
         - 3x I/O Ports – 128 ch 96 kHz each
         - Dedicated ME-1 48kHz port
         - 2x Network ports
         - Wordclock BNC I/O
  • Dual redundant, hot swappable power supply
  • Flush front panel with ultra quiet fan
  • Reversible rack ears design