Reference DMX55-5P

DMX interconnect cable (3 core), 5 Pin (M) to (F) XLR Lead - 55m

Order Code: DMX55-5P
RRP: $223.00

5 pin DMX lead (made with 3-core cable). For use with DMX fixtures and controllers that use 3-core for signal transmission, but 5-pin XLR for interconnection. Hand-made at Factory Sound, these 5-pin DMX leads are ideal for tethering appliances together or daisychaining. You won't lose sync, and won't cop any electrical interference, as we make these using Van Damme Smart Control 1 pair DMX512 with Neutrik NC5MXX and NC5FXX at either end.

DMX interconnect cable, 5 Pin (M) to (F) XLR Lead - 55m
Cable: Single Pair Van Damme DMX512
Colour: Grey (with purple boots)

Photo of Reference DMX55-5P available from Factory Sound
  • Dmx5
  • Dmx52

Limited Lifetime Warranty - all our Factory Sound handmade leads come with a limited lifetime warranty.

We're so confident with the genuine Neutrik connectors, Van Damme cable and our own workmanship, that we'll fix it for free if your lead breaks during normal wear and tear. Treat them nicely, and you'll never need to take us up on the offer. Slashed leads due to cymbal stand disasters on stage will not be covered.