High Quality Active DI

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If you’ve ever used Klark Teknik gear, you’ll know it’s usually the best available for any given job. DN100 is no exception. The outer casing is a thick aluminium shell, further protected by silicone rubber casing. It will run off +48v phantom power, and has connections for input (1/4″ and XLR), throughput (1/4″), and transformer balanced XLR output. Includes -30dB pad and ground lift switches.

Some DI boxes offer both phantom power and 9V battery operation, however the design compromises required to support both power sources means that the audio performance is degraded. Most notably the amount of signal headroom available. The clip point of the DN100 is significantly higher than many professional active DI boxes and can provide +10 dBu into a 2 kΩ load. This higher clipping point means that much higher level input signals can be accommodated without the need for switching in an attenuating pad. Correspondingly the DN100 only requires a single -30 dB pad for use when connecting directly to instrument amplifier outputs.


  • Single Channel Active DI Box
  • Phantom (+48 V) powered
  • Accepts a maximum input level of +40 dBu
  • Switchable -30 dB input pad
  • Earth lift switch isolates input and output grounds
  • Extended dynamic range and lower noise floor
  • Rugged thick aluminium shell and tough silicone rubber casing
  • Security slot for Kensington MicroSaver security cable
  • Pad (-30 dB), Earth lift and +48 V Phantom LED indicators
  • Extended low frequency response
  • Compact and rugged design
  • Designed and engineered by KLARK TEKNIK in England