D-Power1 dual-channel amplifier, 2 x 500 (4 ohms)

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Camco D-Power 1 is a two-channel power amplifier (2 x 500w @ 4Ω), weighing just 5.2kg.

With its UMAC™ Class-D technology, D-Power 1 has “smooth and responsive handling”, along with a healthy power-to-weight ratio. Like the 4-channel Q-Power series that came before it, all dual-channel D-Power series amplifiers have been designed to provide powerful, pure sonic performance.

Designed for flexibility of Use
The introduction of D-Power series expands the choice and ability to refine system specification to exact requirements. D-Power power output specifications have been selected to work as stand alone amplifiers or in combination with Q-Power series so that exact power formats can be matched, minimising rack space and maintaining family function and design.

Simple Direct Approach
Once again paying great attention to market requirements for a straight forward approach, CAMCO has identified key elements, such as power output range, flexible connectivity and interaction. D-Power series are of rugged design, and are suitable for professional Installations, Theatre and Live Sound application.

Weight: 5.2 kg

Note – Both SPEAKON connectors are connected to channel A and channel B outputs.
The pin configuration of the SPEAKON connectors is as follows:


  • Pin 1+ Channel A signal
  • Pin 1- Channel A ground
  • Pin 2+ Channel B ground
  • Pin 2- Channel B signal

Bottom SPEAKON®:

  • Pin 1+ Channel B ground
  • Pin 1- Channel B signal
  • Pin 2+ Channel A signal
  • Pin 2- Channel A ground

Channel B’s output polarity is inversed. This means that the active (hot) amplifier output is connected to the negative SPEAKON® con-tact. Connecting this contact to ground or earth inside loudspeakers, cabling or other equipment would short-circuit the amplifier output stage

D-Power 1 key specs:

  • Height: 2 RU
  • Width: 19″ rack mountable
  • Depth: 252mm
  • Weight: 5.2 kg

Stereo Power:

  • 16Ω: 2 x 125w
  • : 2 x 250w
  • : 2 x 500w

Mono Power:

  • 16Ω: 500w (mono bridged)
  • : 1000w (mono bridged)

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