PreSonus E5

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Eris E5 studio monitors present a clear audio picture, at an entry-level price.

Every Eris-series studio monitor incorporates a custom-woven Kevlar® low-frequency driver. The weave and nature of the Eris E5’s five-inch Kevlar woofer helps break up reflected energy, so fewer delayed reflections reach the listener’s ear. This provides a more constant dispersion pattern throughout the frequency range, resulting in less time-smeared audio and cleaner overall sound.

The silk dome tweeter is designed to radiate sound with a wide dispersion pattern, creating a larger sweet spot. The result is a smooth and refined sound that accurately reproduces transients and high frequencies.

Input is easy, with unbalanced RCA, along with balanced ¼” and XLR on board. There is a also a variety of controls on the back panel.

A three-position Acoustic Space switch helps to compensate for the boundary bass boost that can occur when a monitor is placed in a corner or near a wall. High and Mid controls help to further tame room anomalies. A Low Cutoff filter makes it easy to integrate subwoofer into your monitor setup.

And, as with many nearfield monitors thesedays, Eris E5 monitors have on-board amplification. 45w goes to the LF, and a further 35w is reserved for HF.

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